4 Ways to Entertain Yourself During the Quarantine

4 Ways to Entertain Yourself During the Quarantine

It has been weeks, and we are sure that staying cooped up at home is starting to get on your nerves by now. Every little thing must be driving you to the edge, but remember that your reaction is natural. It is the effect of all the depressing news that you have been going through on your social media pages. So put aside your phone, and take a break from it all!

Take this as an opportunity to get in touch with your inner self. Your busy life has come to a standstill, but that does not mean your life cannot be exciting anymore. There are several ways to entertain yourself during quarantine and we have shortlisted the top ones. So, before you start talking to the walls or your family drives you nuts, make these activities a part of your daily life and get some ‘me time’.


·      The Literary Escape

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If you love reading, but the tough job times did not give you much opportunity to do so, this is the right time to pick up your favourite book. If you do not have any paperbacks, there are numerous options online. Download a book that calls to you and just escape into the fiction, or non-fiction, or whatever genre you prefer.






·      Indulge in Some Pampering


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Run a hot bath, exfoliate and pamper yourself. Treat yourself with some day face cream even though you are not going anywhere; trust us, it will be worth it. Finish it off with an antiaging serum and collagen cream to get rid of the fine lines that are the result of frowning all the time. You should try and get rid of that habit altogether! You cannot always avoid looking in the mirror. That shadow over your lips will become a fully grown beard if you do not take matters in your hand today. A bit of TLC will cheer you right up and is a great way to keep busy.



·      Unwind with Performing Arts


fans enjoying a Dua Lipa ConcertPerformers from all over the world are streaming free live shows. If performing art ignites a fire in you, stream them live and attend a virtual concert. The best part is you get to enjoy the show without the crowd, and you can bring as many snacks as you want. Not having to pay for overpriced snacks and drinks is treat enough!

·      Explore History

Dinosaur Skeleton inside the British Natural History Museum

If a day at the museum is your idea of a perfect day, you can get this pleasure every day. Take a digital museum tour and you will have a great time. Several aquariums and zoos around the world have also left their cameras on, so you can look at the animals. It is a great way to pass the time and you will thoroughly enjoy it. While you will not be able to have a staring match with the monkeys or secretly feed the animals, it will still be a heart-warming experience.

These 4 ways to entertain yourself during quarantine will keep you interested and sane. So, stop with all the overthinking and take it one day at a time. Remember that this too shall pass. Stay Alert, stay safe and stay happy.

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